National Biology Bowl

Virtual Team Competition in Biology and Life Science for Middle School Students

The National Biology Bowl is the premier team competition in Biology and Life Science for middle school students in America.  The National Biology Bowl began in 2019 and has been successfully held every year since then. It takes place on Zoom on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend.

The National Biology Bowl covers all important topics in Biology, including Cell Biology and Genetics, Human Physiology, Animals, Plants, Evolution, Behavior and Ecology.

The competition follows the quiz bowl format, with 4 - 5 students on each team. After round-robin rounds, a single-elimination playoff tournament determines the champion and the top 8 schools in the country.

2025 Competition Date: May 24, 2025

Past Results of the National Biology Bowl

Download the rules for the National Biology Bowl here.

We suggest using the following textbooks to prepare for the National Biology Bowl, depending on the levels of the team members:

Miller and Levine Biology

Campbell Biology Concepts and Connections

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